A Mission to Smile About

We set out to make the most convenient, compostable coffee pod out there. After all, you shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying a cup of coffee.

  • Sustainable Coffee

    Certified Fairtrade and Organic beans

  • Plant-Based Materials

    The kind that goes straight into the compost

  • No Carbon Footprint

    Our entire supply chain is Carbon Neutral

NEW Home Compostable Straws

Made of plant-based materials, Smile straws stay sturdy and never get soggy.


Pods for Keurig Brewers

  • Fairtrade International

    This label ensures all farmers and workers responsible for harvesting our coffee are fairly compenstaed.

  • USDA Organic

    We source some of the finest coffee from South and Central America. All beans are carefully picked for a superior blend.

Pods for Nespresso Original Brewers

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