Double Shot Coconut Iced-Presso: A Refreshingly Sustainable Coffee Recipe

Double Shot Coconut Iced-Presso

Double down on delicious coffee and sustainability with two shots of Smile Coffee Werks® Espresso paired with a duo of coconut creamer and coconut palm sugar in this "Double Shot Coconut Iced-Presso". Our coffee pods are plant-based and commercially compostable and coconut milk and palm sugar production has a fairly low impact on land and water resources making this a deliciously sustainable treat!

  • Make simple syrup with Coconut Palm Sugar
  • Brew 2 pods of Smile Coffee Werks® Espresso
  • Add simple syrup
  • Pour mixture over ice
  • Add Coconut Milk Creamer over top and stir
  • Commercially compost your pod, sip, enjoy and SMILE!


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