We Smile For The Plant Based Products Council

We Smile For The Plant Based Products Council

Becoming a member of the Plant Based Products Council this year was exciting, but having our co-founder Frankie Schuster get elected to hold a seat on the board this year is a total honor!

Read the full article by the Plant Based Products Council here!

The PBPC membership is made up of businesses large and small, from across the globe. Their board of leaders are a wealth of knowledge on plant based products and work closely with government and law makers to further their commitment to advancing the bioeconomy.

“It’s an honor to have a front row seat at PBPC on some of the new regulations and laws pertaining to plant based materials. I hope to contribute our small business perspective to the collective effort in growing our industry, and am eager to learn from this board of incredible leaders I get to sit alongside!” says Schuster.

The Plant Based Products Council strives to guide the evolving global economy toward more sustainable and responsible consumer products and packaging. We aspire to deliver a future based on renewable goods, improving global resource efficiency to meet the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Read more about the PBPC and make sure to check out their Product Database to find great plant-based products and resources on their website!


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