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Laugh to Decaf

Laugh to Decaf

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This is our favorite Werkday coffee. Made with 100% Arabica beans from a beautiful Guatemalan estate, this single-origin, medium roast coffee offers bright acidity with a medium to full body for a smooth, balanced cup. Enjoy the rich flavor notes of blackberry and nutmeg, a velvety chocolate finish, and before you know it, your Werkday is gone.

*Compatible with Keurig Machines. Not affiliated with Keurig.


Capsule is made of cellulose


Simply toss the used pod into a compost bin

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We source some of the finest coffee from South and Central America. By committing to sustainable sourcing, we ensure that all farmers involved in the harvesting process are fairly compensated.

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By funding the preservation of over 177,000 acres of threatened rainforest in Portel, Brazil, we offset all of our carbon emissions. We are certified Climate Neutral by Climate Partner.

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